We dedicate our efforts and expertise in inspiring behavioural change and securing a better tomorrow.

How do we achieve it?

We provide influential talks from expert speakers and/or achievers, who are prized for their achievements and continue to strive for enhanced objectives. We do not deliver just regular talks. We create content, which corresponds to your particular goals and needs.

Excite. Motivate. Stimulate. Move. Empower.

Get inspired by our latest talks:

Mira Gateva delivered an inspirational speech about The New Age of Employer Branding at TEDx AUBG.
Mira Gateva talks about the need to adapt to survive as a leading company or as a skilful employee. Join her in the 2nd episode of 5 Key Elements of Employer Branding – EVOLUTION.
Are we motivated to look for better opportunities? Are we scared to settle down at our workplace? Employees’ MOBILITY is a fact.

Join Mira Gateva to find out more about corporate CULTURE in the 1st episode of 5 Key Elements of Employer Branding
SUSTAINABILITY is key to securing long-term goals. Mira Gateva reveals the complexity of employer branding and the answers to ‘Who are you?’
At the bottom of everything, it is PEOPLE. Hence, Mira Gateva places them at the top?