Stand out by building an image of the desired workplace and by communicating with potential employees through exploring new channels, including the capacity of the entire team base

Most employees are not engaged in talent acquisition and do not have the motivation or the skills to attract new team members.

Yet, they have direct access to peers and could easily reach them with relevant messages without the need to overcome the disbelieve.

Learn by Doing

By focusing on experiences and on practical applications, this program brings employees into the fold. The training will enable the participants to communicate and demonstrate the EVP through their interactions with different audiences such as potential employees and partners.

We focus on two key outcomes:

  1. Elevating the importance of attracting like-minded and talented colleagues, thus, increasing the motivation of current employees to serve as talent magnets, and
  2. Empowering your employees through the shaping and refinement of specific skills, thus, helping them to show and tell the real face of the company in an authentic way

Include the Employer Branding Ambassadors Program in your Learn & Development Strategy

Key Elements of the Program:

The Employer Branding Ambassador Program is more than just a training.

It is a tool to get more precise with your target groups in terms of attracting talents. It is a fundamental principle in developing the strategy. It is an instrument for building an engaged team.

They already did it: