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In a world where everything is changing with the speed of light, it is vital to progress and be at the top. We believe that through creating a powerful strategy and implementing it together, we will drive progress and success. By building capacity, we invest in a more prosperous future. We dare to dream and to explore in a search for better solutions. And we anticipate creating our eminent tomorrow together!

We stand for

Attracting talent. Voicing Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Engaging employees. Digitizing content. Building leadership. Too many aspects to consider while building the organization of choice.

Considering a trusted partner, who has know-how in the field, is always a smart move to make. 

At ZiGate we focus our expertise on employer branding, communication and image creation, as well as capacity building.

Projects Delivered

How will our partnership lead you to prosperity?

Strategic employer branding

Lead your organization in creating uniqueness and steering its competitive edge in attracting talents.

Cutting edge trainings

Empower your team with skills, knowledge, and capability to reach your targets.

Inspirational talks

Get provoked by uncovering new trends and forward-thinking.

We create appealing video content to promote your culture and EVP in an authentic way!

Online video accounts for 82% of all web traffic.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video.

31% of job seekers expect to see the work environment in a video.


Building a brand requires time and persistence. And when we consider building an employer brand, too many aspects and parties get involved. If you desire to better understand the needs, wants and expectations of all stakeholders, you can always rely on our expertise in the field. We believe in setting long term goals and framing them into a winning strategy.


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“After all, without inspiration, we will be stuck in this place.” – Mira Gateva

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